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15 thoughts on “Apply to Get Movie Extra Jobs

  1. Im currently working as background talent on a movie set in Louisiana im on my way back to my home in Detroit and would like to find an agency there in Michigan like the ones I work through here in Louisiana thank you in advance

  2. I would like to be an extra in movies well really it would be nice to be a full fleged movie star I would like to be In transformers and many other movies ………

  3. Hello I have acted all throughout high school and was even offered a scholarship for theatre. I have been told that I am a remarkable actor. I am more than confident and I know that I have what it takes if I am just given the chance.

  4. Hell, my name is Jennifer west I’m 15 years old. I have dreamed of being an actor since I was 7 years old. I sing , dance and currently taking acting classes. I would love to be an extra in a movie.

  5. I am currently in the military and would like to be an extra in a movie or tv show to try something different with my life and experience what’s it’s like

  6. I’ve wanted to do this, like, forever! I had a bad experience when I was a kid doing a hotdog commercial (nothing weird!). Now, hopefully, is my chance to make an impact.
    the next big name in movies. You heard it here first!!!

  7. hello,
    I am a 100% sc wounded veteran and former Registered Nurse. I need a confidence and self esteem booster, The PTSD by itself will destroy these two qualities , but what my country did to me after I got out of the service was the most brutal and horrendous thing I have ever heard of and I was an RN for 13 years. It is so horrible the story had to be told so I found a ghost writer to write my book. The brutality and pain left me in a state of shock for years and I now live a 24/7 survival mode. Our wounded vets will never heal with dignity and honor if we deny them the very liberty and justice they were defending for all. It is so embarrassing . see

  8. I have been looking for the chance to be an actor for a while. I see myself as a mock actor. I watch people’s emotions and ways until i can copy them like i created it first. I love being a character. It’s like i allowed it to breathe in the real world. I would love the chance to act in the future. It’s my life.

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