January 3, 2011

Casting Actors & Extras for Webisode

About the life of two couples and how their lives intertwined with each other. Focus on Asian-American families, cultural conflicts, and social problems.

1.Kid Ron
Supporting. Male Asian kid. 6-12 years old.
A kid playing his toy on a playground in a park. He is bold and curious.

2.Kid Tom
Supporting. Male Asian kid. 4-8 years old.
A little kid playing his toy on the playground with another kid. He is the main character when he was little. He is shy and reserved.

Lead. Asian young wife. 18-36 years old.
In the beginning she was an exchanged student from an Asian country, she works in a Yogurt place as a clean-up person. She is a hard worker. She knows little English. And having a relationship is difficult for her. She is reserved, but curious. She is pretty and cute but inexpressive or mysterious. She meets the main character and they developed a great relationship. She became a smart, loving, supportive wife throughout the seven years they were together. She encounter a main problem is that she cannot have kids. The main character really want to have kids and turned berserk. There are two sexual situations. One is she is making out with her newly engaged husband. One is she is implicitly raped by her boyfriend. Showing a close-up of her crying, and fighting back.

Supporting. Female Asian teenager. 18-26 years old.
She is the daughter of the main character. She is Americanized, individualistic, and love to experiment new things. She exhibits little to no Asian family values. A huge contrast to her parents. Her mom doesn’t care, because she is too busy with work. Her father tries to communicate with her, but he gave up on her.
There is one sexual situation, she came across her father’s best friend, the lead character, and makes-out with him in the bathroom.

5. Doctor Clark.
Supporting. All Ethnicity. 35-45 years old.
A sincere family doctor. He faced to tell the couple a bad news.

6.Doctor Clark’s Assistant.
Supporting. All Ethnicity. 18-36 years old.
Assist the doctor. Calling patient in.

Supporting. All Ethnicity. 18-26 years old.
A call girl the main character invited to talk, because he wants to get over his lost of his wife. She opens up for conversation, but she values money more than friendship. A sexual situation where she tries to make contact with the main character, but was turned down by him.

We will shoot the pilot in early January, 2011.

No pay for the pilot, but we will be able to pay for future webisodes, will definitely try to get picked up.
We are crews and talents trying to make films that would make a differences in our community.
Actors acting to represent and reflect the people within the social problems and social changes, and we film it to document them in a more lively manner .

Please email me your head-shots, resume, and contact info as soon as possible.
Thank you very much, hope to work with you soon.

* Location: Hollywood

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