June 6, 2016

Casting Call for Extras in Homicide Hunter Season 6

homicide hunter

About the Show

Homicide Hunter is a famous American documentary TV series that started in October 2011. The show is about the career of a retired Colorado Springs police detective Joseph Kenda who was born in 1946 in Herminie. His career of being a homicide investigator lasted for 19 years of his life and the show depicts his life and all his cases which took place in the past at Colorado Springs Police Department. The show aired on Investigation Discovery and has successfully reached its 6th season consisting of 20 episodes. The casting crew for the TV series is now looking for extras to be a part of the upcoming season.

In each episode of the show, Kenda has shown how he solves and investigates each of his cases from beginning to end. The show focuses on his 400 homicide successful stories with his 92% solutions rate. The show also contains reenactments, discussions with the investigation teams and interviews with families of the victims and people who were involved. The show is narrated by the real Kenda himself, who gives his broad-spectrum view of life, death and love and homicide over the years, and a professional voice over narrator also accompanies him. The actor Carl Marino portrays him in the show as a younger Kenda, back in the days, through flashbacks.


Details for Casting

If you think you are suitable according to the details and roles given below, you are encouraged to apply. You can fill out the form on this website: http://www.2016auditions.com/homicide-hunter/

  • Coroner: Both genders can play this role. They should be above the age of 40 . They can be of any ethnicity. They will be paid $50 per day. Their availability is needed on the 3rd of June 2016 at 5pm.
  • High School Extras: Both genders can play this role. They should be between the ages of 14-18 or if they look like teenagers, they will also be considered. They can be of any ethnicity. They will be paid $50 per day. Their availability is needed on the 1st of June 2016 at 12pm.
  • Substitute Teacher: A female is required for this role. She should be in her 30s or above. She can be of any ethnicity and she should appear motherly. She will be paid $50 per day. Her availability is needed on the 1st of June at 12pm.
  • Tattoo Party Guest: Both genders can play this role. Can be of any age and any ethnicity. The role requires the person to have a lot of visible tattoos. They will be paid $50 per day. Their availability is needed on the 4th of June 2016 at night.

The filming will take place in Knoxville, so please make sure that if you are applying, you will be able to accommodate yourself locally and accept the local role rate, excluding the hotel and travel expenses. Please make sure that you submit the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Your current photos and headshot
  • Your current agency or free agent
  • Your contact information: email address and phone number
  • The current location where you are living
  • Make sure you add HH607 and the Role you want to apply for in the Subject Line of the email

Fill out the form below to be considered:

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

  • I acknowledge that by submitting this form, I may be contacted by phone and/or text, at the number provided above, including my wireless number if provided, by a representative of Nine9 regarding my interest in modeling/acting opportunities. I understand these calls may be generated using an automated technology. I understand that consent to be contacted is not a condition of registration and I agree to the privacy policy.

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