March 13, 2016

Casting Calls for HGTV’s ‘Listed Sisters’

LACastingShowAbout ‘Listed Sisters’

The show has an amazing main cast of two sisters who are ready to help you live in your dream house by making your current property a thing of beauty and desirable enough to be sold for the rates you want. The program aims at Nashville residents who want to sell their properties, and then there are the sisters Alana and Lex who are also identical twins who provide a helping hand in the process. With Alana’s knowledge of the state and the property market it gets easier to make quotations and bargain appropriately along with finding the suitable property in the price.

Lex on the other hand is creative without the apprehensions associated with doing something new or transforming an old space into a piece of art to make it above the current level in terms of monetary value as well as aesthetics.

Together, these sisters would help their clients move to their dream location by creating their current dwellings into a thing of beauty for the buyers and help them in acquiring the best of deals for themselves so they could buy a house as per their requirements.

Read on to find out if you are the right fit for this exciting casting opportunity.

Why Apply For The reality Show?

The casting calls for the reality show is an opportunity to not only gain your share of fame but also to find yourself your dream home by selling yours in the best of prices and conditions.

Are you a home owner in Nashville?

Do you have dreams of moving to a better home in a better location?

Do you have difficulty selling your house in the current times?

Do you think your house needs renovations in order to compete with the other ones in market?

Is updating your home is the possible option that would help you sell it for a better price?

Do you have money for renovations but you don’t think that’s enough to increase it in its value?

Does your current home falls short for your family now and there is no other option than moving to a larger place?

How To Apply for Auditions for ‘Listed Sisters’?
When all is known, the question would arise as to how to apply for the auditions for the professional real estate advice and designing. That is only few steps away. In order to be eligible to apply for being casted in the show, you would need to check on the following details:

  1. You must own a home in Nashville Tennessee and the property papers etc should not be a matter of concern. If you are not living in Nashville, Tennessee but in a nearby area, you could b eligible to be casted for the second season of ‘Listed Sisters’.
  2. You must have a plan already to be selling the property and buying another one. Selling your house just for the sake of being on the show is not done, proper planning and documentation is needed and of course, preplanning takes into consideration many aspects. You should be planning to buy a house within 30 miles of Nashville, if the plan is of otherwise then do not apply.
  3. You should be in need for expert advice on the design and aesthetics and construction of your current property because you intend to sell it. Applicants should be energetic and fun to be with.
  4. You should not be below the age of 21.
  5. You need to have a minimum of $18,000 as your budget for the renovations of the house you are currently living in, in order to enjoy the perk of receiving additional funds for the same.
  6. Apply by emailing your details to:
  7. Or visit the website: if you are planning to apply online for the auditions.

And how can you forget to miss out on the first season of ‘Listed Sisters’ which would premier on March 28th 2016, on HGTV at 8/7c. Don’t forget to tune in and get motivated to be a part of the next season. Good luck!

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