January 19, 2011

Casting Extras and Main Roles for Student Film (Troy, MI)

Western Alliance- The Afgan rap group

Abdullah- A Muslim who drinks, smokes, and sins on the regular. The party guy out of the group. Never afraid to say what’s on his mind no matter whom he offends. Wears expensive name brands and flashy jewelry. Clashes with The Lion as much as possible. He’s the gangster-party Muslim when on the mic.

The Lion Massoud- A Devout Muslim who preys five times a day. A radical with terrorist tendencies. Wears traditional Muslim attire. Long beard. Leary of any Christian or person of Jewish faith. A very repressed soul. An expert at word play when rapping. He’s like a new Rakim.

Wazir Akbar- A bearded Muslim. The business mind of the group. Also a mediator between Abdullah and The Lion. Always looking out for the best interest of the group. The reasonable one that does all the talking. He has a witty-punchline type flow as well as experimenting with new and different deliveries and techniques.

Bull Market Entertainment- The record company that wants to sign Western Alliance.

Dutch Showenberg- The founder and CEO of Bull Market Entertainment. Arrogant. Jewish. Cocky. Wears his emotions on his sleeve. Insults and curse words fly off the tip of his tongue at all time. Conflicted about signing a radical Muslim rap outfit but can’t pass up the business opportunity.

Turnpike Jones(TJ)- Turnpike is African- American. He’s a part time recording artist, fashion mogul, actor, and trendsetter. Cool type. Style conscious. Toothpicks and designer shades. Best friends and adviser to Dutch. Got his name from hustling “product” up and down the New Jersey Turnpike before he switched his life around to the music industry.

Jan Douglas- Dutch’s assistant. She has a law degree from U. Michigan. She’s extremely beautiful but hides behind a pair of stylish prescription eyewear. Jan gives Dutch her opinion with hardcore facts and no BS. Slightly robotic in tone and action but highly efficient and the best at what she does.

Mike “Squeek” Gonzalez- Dutch’s muscle and right hand man. He’s short in stature but built like a tank. Mostly quiet but will throw in his two cents when asked.

Additional Characters-
Reggie Foxman- The budding movie director who shot Western Alliance’s music video. Very serious and ambitious and always looks at the bigger picture. He has plans on using the group and their controversial subject matter to propel his own career.

Damon O’Leary- Reggie’s cameraman and good friend who helped film the Western Alliance music video. He’s terrified about the group’s image and subject matter.

The Kid Hector- Reggie’s gopher while filming on set. Doesn’t speak but does whatever he’s told no matter what the task is.

Dancing Women In Burqus- The sexy women who wear full fledged burqus while dancing in Western Alliance’s video. We’ll get to know more about them later.

Film: “Straight Outta Kabal (Western Alliance)

Location: Troy MI

Casting for: males, females and dancers

Please email pictures and character interest

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Straight Outta Kabul – the characters

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