January 25, 2011

Casting Various Roles for Film (Hollywood, CA)

This is a diverse cast, casting various physical/look types, though the below mentioned roles (***) are for EXTREMELY attractive actor submissions. The other roles are open submissions. The women/men submitting to any (***) role will have to have showgirl type of looks, and the male roles having a Male Review, Chippendale look/physic, as both actors/actress will have to pass for such. Please make note of it in submission.

(Casting Breakdown for Lawrence Buchér’s, 40 Below Zero.)

***Trisha Tomlinson- Caucasian, age 35-40 (Supporting role)
The woman you “think” you want to take home to mom. ULTRA NICE until she gets what she wants from you. A woman with flowers in one hand and a knife in the other, with a dark seedy past. An ex burn-out showgirl, now cocktail waitress, in a marriage she realizes too late she doesn’t want to be in.

***Cheyenne- Asian, age 30
A woman, by a chance of fate met the lead character at a house party, and their meeting changed their landscape all together. Beautiful person, inside and out- the opposite of a world of pain and struggle. Some depth to this role.

***Nathan- Caucasian or light-skin, Native American/Hispanic, age 30+ (Specific requirements for casting)
6’2” +. A dangerously handsome man with long hair. Best friend to lead character.

Jennifer- Caucasian, age 30+
Long-time friend of lead character. A simple, yet cute and approachable woman, with almost a “Valley Girl” tone to her. She means well but is not the brightest of people.

Carla- Ethnicity open, age 30+
This is a mean nasty of a woman, jaded to all hell from working to long in strip clubs. A man-hater.

Women at Bachelorette party, age 21-35+
Various types. Need 20+ women for a large scene.

Men at Bachelor party, age 28+
Various types. 30+ men for a large scene.

***Brad- Caucasian, age 30-35 (Impact Character)
6’+. A typical Ken-Doll- blond hair/blue eyes. Like’s fast cars, fast women, along with smoking his weed and LOVES his fast-lane life. A male stripper in Vegas.

***Donovan- Ethnicity open, age 30-35
Brads, roommate. Very good looking too, but more subdued.

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