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June 9, 2016

Casting Call For Bad Girls Club


Bad Girls Club” is an American reality television series focusing on the personality shifts, behavioral aspects and the everyday lives of women. They will have the chance to live together in one big mansion and explore various traits of each other. The contestants for the upcoming season of Bad Girls Club would be selected shortly after their auditions and is open for a large group of women out there in the US.

The show primarily focuses on the psychological and behavioral issues that come out in the open, resulting in quarrelsome attitudes and outrageous remarks all coming down to one thing; celebrating differences. The different backgrounds, ethnicities and career choices, all make it a point to create the most amazing ripples in the smooth sea. The lives Continue reading Casting Call For Bad Girls Club

May 12, 2016

Feature Roles For Indie Short Film “The Plot”

ThePlot“The Plot” – an indie short film revolving around the concepts of death, faith, and beliefs. The filming of this indie hit will take place in Portland, Oregon this summer, with filming scheduled to take place for 2-3 weeks depending on roles. Scheduled to begin shooting in June, this short film requires a set of actors to portray the lead characters.

Audition Details:

  • This is the first round of auditions (online),
  • Audition sides have been provided
  • This is an unpaid job

Continue reading Feature Roles For Indie Short Film “The Plot”

March 14, 2016

Casting Call-Bizarre Hands

Bizarre HandsAbout ‘By Bizarre Hands’
Bizarre Hands is a theater adaptation of Joe R. Lansdale’s story set to be performed at the Theatre festival of Port Fringe. Performed based on their short story counterparts, the production(s) will focus on the dark and twisted sides of life. If a bone chilling and mesmerizing tale is what you’d like to see in such a way that it depicts the lengths of human endurance enough to make people cringe and stare in bewilderment, then this is the play for you! While the plot is being kept under the wraps due to some creative changes from the written work to the films, the directors are promising  an exciting story scary enough to keep the audience holding their breaths and waiting anxiously for each new move revealing what the story has to change into.

The Casting Call for ‘By Bizarre Hands’
Below are the dates for the casting call.

  • The auditions would commence from March 19th
  • Time: 10:00 am to 01:00 pm.
  • Venue: SMCC’s Hildreth Hall (In the video studio located on the second floor).
  • A benefit to those interested but for some reason cannot make it on the 12th of March could still mail us so we would arrange another date in near future for their auditions.
  • The characters won’t be paid but they’d sure be getting a chance at experience and popularity.
  • The city of location would be: Portland, Maine.
  • Submit your applications via email on:
  • Submit the applications latest by March 19th 2016, Saturday.

The final shows are scheduled on the following dates:

  1. June 21st 2016, Tuesday – 10:45 pm
  2. June 25th 2016, Saturday – 07:15 pm
  3. June 26th 2016, Sunday – 03:45 pm

About The Roles
The roles of the story ‘By Bizarre Hands’ which are required for the theater play (for which the call is), are two of the following major roles: Continue reading Casting Call-Bizarre Hands