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July 22, 2016

Marvel’s Black Panther Looking for Extras


Ever since the Black Panther was unveiled in the mainstream Marvel Movie Captain America Civil War, the character has touched new heights of fan appreciation. The fans have called on the studio to make a movie for one of the most celebrated Marvel characters in history. It seems Marvel has paid heed to the fan’s demands and there is a new Black Panther movie in the offing.

Marvel has started casting calls for its feature film Black Panther that will be released some time in year 2017.

History of the Character

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July 6, 2016

Casting Call for Kids for Marvel’s Black Panther


The casting directors and producers of the Black Panther movie, which is set to begin filming next year in January, is looking for Africans of various ages (from age 2 to 90) to play various characters in the upcoming film. So, if you are an Ethiopian, Kenyan, or Nigerian and want to be part of this movie, the time to apply is now.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a part of this project, apply as soon as possible.

Although there is still time left for the filming, the production team is looking to finalize the cast as soon as possible. Thus, if you are interested in working for the film, you can come for auditions. Families and couples can submit together.

About the Movie  

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June 22, 2016

Hannibal Buress to Join Cast of Spiderman


473889-hannibal-buress-spider-manComedian Hannibal Buress is joining the cast of the new Spider-man: Homecoming movie.

The latest installment of the Marvel universe seems only to be gaining momentum as fast as it adds marquis actors to it’s bill.   Tom Holland will appear as Peter Parker/Spider-man and Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei will appear again in their familiar roles from Captain America: Civil War.  Since then, marvel studios has added Michael Keaton to the cast.  Many think he will play the villain ‘The Vulture,’ a role strangely familiar to the part that he played in the movie Birdman.   Spider-man: Homecoming has also added the talents of Donald Glover, Tony Revolori, and Zendaya to the cast.

The film will be directed by Jon Watts who will be cutting his teeth as the man behind the camera in for a superhero film.  It is also interesting to note that even though Spider-man’s movie rights are owned by Sony Pictures, this film will be produced by Marvel Studios and Disney.

One might assume that with the addition of such comedic talents as Donald Glover and Hannibal Buress, and Michael Keaton that this film will be very lighthearted.

The film continues to shoot in Atlanta, Georgia.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this casting choice!

June 13, 2016

Spider-Man: Homecoming Casting Teachers


Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently filming in Atlanta and Tammy Smith Casting is looking for extras to play the role of a teachers for the production.   casting directors are currently looking for males and females between the ages of 30 to 60 to fill these roles.  This is also a paid role.

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