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July 21, 2016

Extras Needed For Chicago Fire Scene

chicagofirecastingcallsThis is a casting requirement for a particular bar scene, which will be included in the Season 5 of “Chicago Fire”.

The directors are looking for men and women who can be used to create the scene of Molly’s Bar. Chicago Fire is very famous now as it is evident from the four previously successful seasons. Season 5 is now in the production phase and this casting is being done for a role that will be filmed on 21st of July in Chicago, Illinois.

About the TV Series

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June 21, 2016

The Voice on NBC – Casting Call!


The country’s best unknown artists come together with the biggest names in the music industry as their coaches in this blockbuster super smash hit series. The Voice is NBC’s number one series and also a winner of Emmy Award.

It is a year round escapade, where the creators of the show are seeking to find out the artist suitable for the title of the ‘The Voice”. Interest candidates are requested to send their video submissions and keep an open eye on for an Open Call Audition that can happen very much in the town near where you live.

About the Show

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June 15, 2016

Kids Wanted to Audition for LITTLE BIG SHOTS


Little-Big-Shots-NBC-Steve-HarveyDoes your child have some amazing hidden talent that you would want to show the world?

Then this might just be your chance!

If your child is an aspiring actor, model, singer or someone possessing great talent that needs a platform to showcase, then you cannot afford to miss auditions for season 2 for ‘Little Big Shots.’

About the show

The first season of the show was a huge success. It showcased talent of young individuals who made the audience go from ‘aweee’ into fits of laughter!

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May 16, 2016

Dolly Parton Film Casting Kids

dolly2‘Coat of many Colors-2’ revolves around the life of Dolly Parton and is rather a serious and insightful take on her life and family. It documents the struggle as the close knit family fights back the tragedy that has hit upon them. Through the incidents shown from Parton’s childhood and what came upon her family, the movie will show how powerful love can be in overcoming the most devastating of tragedies and toughest of times. How a family oriented approach coupled with strong faith can take anyone out of the major setbacks in life is what the movie aims to shed light on. According to NBC, this movie is anything but a biopic or a documentation of Dolly Parton’s career. It is rather the story of a little girl as she witnesses strength, fortitude and power of love early on in her life.

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March 8, 2016

Bar Scene for NBC’s ‘Chicago PD’ in Chicago

ChicagoPDNewAbout the NBC’s Show – ‘Chicago PD’

NBC’s show, ‘Chicago PD’, revolves around the intellectual team of police officers. defending the mean streets of Chicago. They are located at the District 21 of the Chicago Police Department. The Intelligence team fights for the city’s major offenses such as truck trafficking, organized crimes, and high profile murders. The show had two successful seasons and now Season 3 is being broadcast on the NBC channel. The show was recently renewed for a 4th season set to air fall of 2016.

The Casting Team Is Seeking Extras for a Bar Scene for NBC’s Chicago PD Filming in Chicago, Illinois

NBC casting directors for Chicago Fire are in search of some actors, talent and models who can confidently work on an upcoming bar scene filming in Chicago, Illinois. The team requires these actors to play as civilians, lawyers, criminals, and perps at a police station. Also, some models will have to work in a bar scene. Have you been waiting for such an opportunity? Do not miss the chance. Also, it is a great start for beginners who are interested in acting and want to have a future in this career. In order to know more, keep reading. Continue reading Bar Scene for NBC’s ‘Chicago PD’ in Chicago