June 2, 2016

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ is Now Casting Extras


Marvel is auditioning for a number of roles for an upcoming movie. Casting directors are looking for highly self-motivated, energetic and driven actors and actresses to play different roles. This blockbuster is getting ready to shoot and some important roles such as stand-ins, background and lead roles need to be filled.
The production for this movie started two years back. The story is about T’Challa, a fictional character adopted from literature and plays. The character is also widely popular as Black Panther.

About the Plot

The storyline revolves around Black Panther who is a new ruler in the advanced kingdom of Wakanda and needs to save his land from destruction. He has to protect his people from internal and external enemies. The leading cast includes Chadwick Bosemen, who will be seen in the role of Black Panther, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B.Jordan and Ryan Coogler. The film is going to be released on February 17, 2018.

Details for Casting

Some necessary characters details for the required cast include:

N’Gassi – He is an advisor to T’Challa and also an acting regent when the Black Panther is on his mission.

Okoye – He is one of the former Dora Milaje. He is also the bodyguard of T’Challa and belongs to the J’Kuwali tribe. He acts as the real concomitant to the king. He only communicates with the King in a very rarely spoken language Haunsa. He is extremely close to the king and his wives.

Queen Divine Justice – The queen belongs to the Jabari tribe and spent her childhood in Chicago. She is also a former Dora Milaje of T’Challa.

W’kabi – He is the second in command after Black Panther.

Zuri – He is an elderly yet giant warrior. He is also one of the most trusted advisor and friends of T’Challa.

Reverend Achebe – He is a poor peasant in South Africa. He is very unpredictable, a lunatic and a warrior-mystic. He keeps on talking to his puppet Daki assuming that he is alive. Because of poverty, he sold his conscience to Mephisto.

Erik Killmonger – He is a very powerful warrior and excels in economics and politics.

Malice – She is a superhuman with superior speed, strength and agility. She is also a former bodyguard of T’Challa.

Man Ape – He is the ruler of the whole Jabari Tribe. He is a recognized micronation in Wakanda’s borders. He is also one of the great warriors of the tribe. He plotted to seize the throne by taking help from the cult of White Gorilla. He also founded “Pan African Congress on the Treatment of Superhumans.”

White Wolf – He is the adopted brother and former leader of Hatut Zeraze. He is an elite police officer of Wakanda. He was exiled by T’Challa.

Sarah Finn is the official casting director for this film. She has also casted some of the best Hollywood movies including Infinity War, Avengers, Ragnarok, and Captain America: Civil War.

This is a large scale production and the talent agency requires the most talented, energetic and driven candidates to act in this film. If you want to get a role in the Black Panther, you can find more information on this page: https://www.facebook.com/sarahfinnco/?fref=ts.

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