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Don’t fool yourself . Florida isn’t just a place for retired people to relax in the sun. There’s actually a lot of movie extra jobs in Florida and it’s a great place to get your acting career started.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a Hollywood hit film, you’re in the right place to do it. Florida movie extras are in demand.

Now, I know it’s probably your dream to be as famous as Brad Pitt and Angelina, and in do time that could happen. However, you need experience and you need an acting resume, and a great way to build your acting resume is by becoming an extra in movies.

You may start off as a movie extra in Florida, but the possibilities are endless. You could eventually get a small speaking role in a movie, followed by a semi-big role, and who knows… maybe one day you will be the next Brad or Angelina.

Just like any other jobs, actors usually start at the bottom. Being a movie extra is the equivalent to being an intern in the “regular” work world. You start off small, gain experience, and work your way to the top.

So, what are you waiting for? Start building your resume and gaining experience as an actor by landing a movie extra job in Florida now!

Click here for a list of recent movie extra jobs in Florida


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  1. I want to be a extra in a movie I am from Miami this has been a long dream to be in this industry I am hardworking guy who wants a opportunity .

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