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New York, ahh the city that never sleeps. Not only is New York the city that never sleeps, but it also happens to be a city that plays a huge role in the entertainment industry. If your an aspiring actor, a great way to get your foot in the door is by landing a movie extra job in New York.

Think about how many movies you have watched that are full of skyscrapers and scenes that take place in the city. The Look Who’s Talking movies were filmed in New York, Goodfellas was another classic that took place in the big apple, A Bronx Tale, Catch Me if you Can, Men in Black II, Mr. Deeds, Spider-Man all of these movies have two things in common.

1. They were all filmed in New York

2. They all needed movie extras

Actually, producers have been filming movies in New York since the 1900s, and have produced hundreds of movies in new york, so it’s not hard to understand why New York movie extras are in such high demand.

If you’ve ever wanted to become an actor or actress and you live in New York, you’re in a great place to get your career started. New York offers many opportunities to aspiring actors, and becoming a New York movie extra is just one of them.

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