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February 6, 2017

Anthony Hopkins Film Casting Extras and Speaking Roles

A new movie called Cornerman starring Anthony Hopkins is casting extras and lead characters later this month.  The film is directed by Rupert Friend and it is about the life of world famous boxer Mike Tyson.


Cornerman is about the legendary boxing trainer Cus D’Amato and how he trained Mike Tyson to become the youngest boxing heavyweight champion of the world.  Cus D’Amato will be played by Anthony Hopkins while the roles for young and old versions of Mike Tyson have yet to be cast.  This is a tremendous opportunity to appear in a historically accurate take on one of the greatest legacies of the last generation.

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February 2, 2017

“American Made” Casting Athletic Actors for Roles

Tom Cruise’s new movie American Made is now casting men to play fighters and boxers in a small scene. Casting directors are also looking for young, athletic and ex-military types with gun experience to work on the scenes as extras.


The movie titled, American Made is based on a true story about Barry Seal.  Seal was a famous pilot in the 1980’s that transported contraband for the CIA and Medellin cartel. He was eventually shot and killed in Baton Rouge.  The film was originally set to be titled, Mena, but was recently changed.  Mena, Arkansas is where a majority of the drug trafficking took place under the noses of several government officials and police officers.

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January 16, 2017

“Forever My Girl” Casting Actors and Models

Forever My Girl is now casting actors, models, and talent to work on a wedding scene. Filming will take place in Atlanta, Georgia and producers are looking for people to play wedding guests.


Forever My Girl is a new romance film based on a novel.  Similar to The Notebook, this new film will pull at the heart strings and keep audiences enthralled with its emotional love story.  It is about a man named Roe that was set to marry his high school sweetheart.  At the altar, he gets cold feet, and decides that now is not the right time because he wants to pursue his music career.  With his drastic decision behind him, he sets out to become the star he always wanted to be.  When he returns home after a few years, he realizes that his old life might have been the one he was truly meant for…

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December 9, 2016

“Jumanji 2” Casting Extras in Atlanta

A casting team needs men and women to play neighbors for scenes filming on Tuesday, December 13th in Atlanta, Georgia.  Casting directors are also looking for cars, sedans, and SUVs newer than 2003 to be featured in the upcoming scene.


Jumanji is a fantasy/adventure film directed by Joe Johnston in 1995.  It starred beloved actor Robins Williams, along with Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce.  It is about an enchanted board game that comes to life and effects the main characters living world.  Despite critics mixed reviews, the movie grossed $262.8 million and is considered a classic.

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December 7, 2016

Who Will be Crowned This Year’s Best Actor?

The 89th Academy Awards is only a couple months away, and it was recently confirmed that Jimmy Kimmel will be the host. Since 1929, the world gathers to find out what the prestigious film academy believes are the best movies and performances of the year.  Last year, we saw Spotlight take home the Best Picture Award and Leonardo Dicaprio win his first Oscar for his role in The Revenant.  This year, we have seen several great performances, but there is no clear favorite for many of the categories. According to early polls, these are some of the front-runners for Best Actor:

Ryan Gosling in La La Land

Gosling is well known in the world of famous actors, but not everyone knows that Gosling is a talented singer and dancer.  In La La Land, he and Emma Stone star in what will surely be known as one of Hollywood’s modern great musicals.  Gosling’s performance is emotional and artistic.

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