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July 22, 2016

Marvel’s Black Panther Looking for Extras


Ever since the Black Panther was unveiled in the mainstream Marvel Movie Captain America Civil War, the character has touched new heights of fan appreciation. The fans have called on the studio to make a movie for one of the most celebrated Marvel characters in history. It seems Marvel has paid heed to the fan’s demands and there is a new Black Panther movie in the offing.

Marvel has started casting calls for its feature film Black Panther that will be released some time in year 2017.

History of the Character

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July 14, 2016

Extras Needed for Jake Gyllenhaal Movie in NYC


Okja is an upcoming film which has already found acclaim. Its filming commences in a few days. It is designed to be a wonderful science fiction movie. It is however tilted towards the audience that loves horror movies. Some of the top stars who are taking part in the movie are Jake Gyllenhaal and Steven Yeun.

The executive producer of the film is Brad Pitt. The film is sponsored by Netflix who have put their $50 million in this South Korean movie venture. The film is expected to be completely filmed in New York during 16 July to 24 July.

About the Cast

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July 13, 2016

Casting Calls for Short Film


The Company producing this short film is called Beyond the Night Films, and the producer is Shaunetta Wallace. The company is casting calls for actors who are interested in taking part in this short film. The story is about a young guy named Colstin. Colstin gets into some kind of argument or disagreement with a homeless guy on the streets. He is then later shown that he becomes friends with this homeless guy and then they both find out that they have certain things in common.

Description of Roles

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July 12, 2016

Casting Call for New Transformer Movie

Optimus Prime

Paramount Pictures is producing a new feature film in the Detroit area called Transformer: The Last Knight. For this purpose, they require extras and actors to cast in the movie. Bay Films, Amblin Entertainment, Di Bonaventura, and New Myth Entertainment will do the shooting of the film in the end of August 2016 in Detroit, Michigan area. Other scenes of the movie were shot in Cuba, London, and Iceland.  Resume can also be submitted by production assistants and crew members at the office email address. Everyone applying for the role should meet the legitimate eligibility criteria for working in the entertainment industry in the United States and Michigan.

About the Movie

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