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June 16, 2016

RECTIFY Season 4 on Sundance Casting Extras


Do you aspire to work with big actors?

Have you long waited to rub an elbow with some of the biggies in the entertainment industry?

A successful TV series is in its 4th and final installment shooting in the Griffin area. The casting department has called out for extras and background roles for its fourth season.

The show was devised by Ray Mc Kinnon, and is also the initial original scripted series for the Sundance Channel, that initially aired in 2013. A few months ago the channel Continue reading RECTIFY Season 4 on Sundance Casting Extras

June 15, 2016

Extra Casting for IFC’s Brockmire


The new series Brockmire is currently looking for two ‘hot Caucasian men with tattoos’ for a scene that will be filmed in Atlanta, GA.  The talent that is selected will play a ‘Hot love’ interest for a lead role actress as a delivery guy.

About the series Brockmire…

Brockmire is a new series that is about to be aired on the Independent Film Channel (IFC).  The story centers on a professional baseball announcer whose wife turns out to have a long history of infidelity that causes the announcer to have an epic on-air meltdown.  After a decade the announcer decides to reclaim his career and his lost love life.  The series will star Hank Azaria, who is best known for his role as the bartender Moe Sizlac from the Continue reading Extra Casting for IFC’s Brockmire

June 14, 2016

Selena Gomez Series Casting Extras


Selena_GomezSelena Gomez’s new series 13 Reasons Why is currently holding a casting call for extras and stand-ins to work in the new series.  Casting directors are casting people of all ages and ethnicities to be extras to fill roles like high school students, cheerleaders, parents, athletes, and so on.  The bulk of the filming will take place in the San Francisco Bay area of California.

The show, 13 Reasons Why, centers around the story of a troubled teenage girl whom commits suicide.  Prior to her taking her own life the young lady records thirteen different cassette tapes and then proceeds to send them to 13 different people that she deems responsible for her actions.  The series will produced by Selena Gomez and has been created by Brian Yorkey Continue reading Selena Gomez Series Casting Extras

Casting Extras For A New Tyler Perry Production


Tyler Perry’s new scripted drama Too Close To Home, which will air on The Learning Channel (TLC), is currently casting extras to fill roles in the upcoming production.  Filming of the scene will take place June 14th at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.  Casting Directors are looking to fill the roles of photographers, Camera operators, reporters, and sound boom operators for the scene.

There are two casting for the production below!

About Too Close To Home  

Tyler Perry’s new series Too Close To Home will center around a politically ambitious young lady that sees her political ambitions get destroyed when her affair with a Senator gets exposed.  The incident causes her to return to her home town and the humble Continue reading Casting Extras For A New Tyler Perry Production

June 13, 2016

The Unions – SAG / AFTRA


How do you join SAG? One of the ways you can join is by buying into AFTRA or through receiving a Taft Hartley waiver. How do you join AFTRA? AFTRA is the only union that you can literally “buy” into. You can show up to their offices and simply hand over a hefty wad of cash and sign up there and then. How much does it cost to join AFTRA? As of today’s date, the initiation fee in NY is $1300 plus minimum dues of $63.90. Keep in mind, if you join just before the 2nd dues-cycle you will be required to pay another $63.90. A grand total of $1427.80. After one year providing, you have some AFTRA jobs under your belt, you may be eligible then to join SAG. You can also join AFTRA by booking an AFTRA job.

Continue reading The Unions – SAG / AFTRA