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<\> Jika 2D/3D Itu Tidak Nyata Tapi Perasaanku Ke Shikimori Adalah Hal Yang Benar Benar Nyata. <\>

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9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. flot fløjl du fandt i Jylland. Det lyder som en dejlig week-end. Garnet er altså noget så lækkert, men strikker du ikke en duolkkjkee ?Kh. Lis

  2. Hello,
    I would like to participate when you need extras for movies, tv. My son worked in Orlando for a few years and enjoyed the atmosphere. He is still the face of the Usf Bulls fighting song ad/billboard. He got to wear he Bull helmet. Ha
    I am 52 semi-retired and look young for my age. I do have gray hair. I can send a photo should you need someone like myself. I figure you have many younger extras, but may not have too many older volunteers. How much does your company pay for the typical day. Thanks, Gregg

  3. Can you find me movie extra roles & modeling roles in slc utah just relocated here from ga & cant find anything to submit to without having to pay for membership!!

    1. One Source Talent is one of our sponsors. A lot of the negative press that is online is inaccurate and misrepresented. We have worked with then and thier talent for many years and have had nothing but positive results.

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