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The Phenom Movie Starring Ethan Hawke is Seeking Extras

The Phenom movie starring Ethan Hawke is seeking extras for several scenes currently filming in the Atlanta area. The Phenom will also star Johnny Simmons and Sophie Kennedy Clark. Johnny Simmons appeared in 21 Jump Street and the TV mini-series Klondike. Sophie Kennedy Clark who played young Philomena in the film Philomena.

Ethan Hawke received a notable Academy nomination for his role opposite Denzel Washington as young police officer Jake in Training Day.  Hawke has notable roles in several films over the years such as Assault on Precinct 13 in 2005, Brooklyn’s Finest in 2009 and The Purge in 2013. Hawke has several films that will be released in 2015 one of which is Born to be Blue.

Paul Giamattie has appeared in many films since the 1990s. He played Joe Gould in Cinderella Man, Inspector Uhl in The Illusionist, Richard Garsik in Duplicity and Paul Gill in Rock of Ages. And will star in the upcoming N.W.A Biopic Straight Outta Compton as Jerry Heller.

Talent interested in sharing the screen with Ethan Hawke and Paul Giamattie read the casting call provided below:

The Phenom casting

Phenom Casting

Catrett Locke Casting
Currently seeking Asians for multiple projects!!18+ only

If you are of asian decent then please emailCLCastingAsians@gmail.com. Include 3 pics (head and body), age, ht, wt, and all contact info.

Subject: Please list Asian descent (Korean or Chinese etc….)


Would love experienced if possible
Works Day: Dec 11th (approx time 4pm til 4am, Marietta)
All Ethnicities
Age: 25-55
Subject: BURLY COP

Must have Glove and Cleats
18-20 to portray High School Players
All Ethnicities 

Works Days: Dec 11th (approx time 4pm til 4am, Marietta)
Dec 15th (approx time 7am til 7pm, Marietta)
Must be avail BOTH Days


Must have Glove and Cleats
18-20 to portray High School Players
All Ethnicities

Works Days: Dec 11th (approx time 4pm til 4am, Marietta)
This team only has ONE work Day


BASEBALL FANSSeeking Men and Women
Ages 18+
All Ethnicities

Work Day: Tuesday Dec 11th
Location: Cobb County/ECB Fields
Exterior Shoot
Approx Call Time 6pm – 3am
Subject: ECB FAN

If you fit the description then please email CLCPhenom@gmail.com

Include 3 pics (head and body) age, ht, wt, and all contact info.

Please put correct role in subject line
**All roles paid and shoot in Atlanta Area**

WEtv Series South of Hell Casting Male Extras

WEtv Series South of Hell Casting male extras to portray cops in the Charleston Area.

South of Hell  is a supernatural series that centers around Maria Abascal, a very reluctant demon hunter for hire with her very own demon living right inside of her. The series will star Mena Suvari best known for the TV show Chicago fire and the American Pie Franchise films.


South of Hell is set to premiere in 2015 and will be WEtv’s second scripted show. WE’s first scripted show The Divide premiered earlier this year and Starred Nia Long as Billie Page,  a woman who has sidelined her own career ambitions to support her husband Adam.


The show is currently filming in Charleston South Carolina. The casting team for Vanessa N Casting has released an extras casting call for male extras to portray police officers. Read the casting below for more information.

WEtv South of Hell


COPS: should be: shirts size:


Bring white
Crewneck t-shirt and black socks

To submit please Email sohextras@gmail.com

In the subject line include “CHARLESTON COPS”
Please include a current head and body shot with the following info:


The Phenom Starring Ethan Hawke Extras Call

Ethan HawkeThe Phenom Starring Ethan Hawke Extras Call

 Extras casting directors working on the new film ‘The Phenom’ has released a casting call for extras in the Atlanta area. The Phenom was written by Noah Buschel who will also serve as director on the film project. Ethan Hawke will stary as Hopper Sr. and Paul Giamatti will star as Dr. Mobley.

The team at CL Casting is seeking extras to work on the film project in the coming weeks, talent must be available for a variety of dates. Talent chosen will portray baseball fans, umpires, baseball players, mascots and news crew. Talent must live in the Atlanta area.

CL Casting:


Seeking Men and Women
Ages 18+
All Ethnicities
Work Day: Tuesday Dec 9th

Location: Cobb County/ECB Fields
Exterior Shoot
Approx Call Time 4pm – Til Morning

If you fit the description then please email CLCPhenom@gmail.com
Include 3 pics (head and body) age, ht, wt, and all contact info.

Subject: ECB FAN


Experienced Players/Umpire
Ages 18+
All Ethnicities

Players must have Glove and Cleats

Work Day: Monday Dec 1st
Location: Gwinnett County/Coolray Stadium
Exterior Shoot
Approx Hours 7pm – 1am

If you fit the description then please email CLCPhenom@gmail.com
Include 3 pics (head and body) age, ht, wt, and all contact info.


Seeking Men and Women
Ages 18+
All Ethnicities


Work Day: Monday Dec 1st
Location: Gwinnett County/Coolray Stadium
Exterior Shoot
Approx Call Time: 12pm

If you fit the description then please email CLCPhenom@gmail.com
Include 3 pics (head and body) age, ht, wt, and all contact info.


For the above Feature film to apply please follow directions below
Submit 3 pics ( head, body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Send submissions to CLCPhenom@gmail.com.
List which role you are submitting for in the subject box.

TV Series THE GAME Extras Casting Call in Atlanta

the-game-season-8BET’s “The Game” is filming its final season in Atlanta and is casting background actors for scenes filming this Thursday, Friday and upcoming Monday.


The Game  is a comedy that centers around the lives of football players and their significant others. The show follows the wives and girlfriends of the football players as they make power moves and create alliances off the field while the players try to hone their skills and create their own power plays on the field. The showwas originally aired on the CW Network and was canceled after its third season. The series was picked up by BET and has run very successfully for the past four seasons. Deadline announced that regrettably BET will not renew the show after season 9. Fans will bid goodbye to their favorite Sabers players and their wives for two more season. Both season 8 and 9 are currently in production in Atlanta.


The Hylton Casting team has released a casting call for a variety of hip and unique extras that will be filming for the upcoming three days. Extras do not need to be available all three days. The casting team is seeking extras  who can portray party goers, NFL wives, football players, bar crowd, upscale restaurant patrons, bartenders, waitresses and  are in their 20s to 40s age range.


For the TV series “The Game” Season 8 we are casting the following extra roles for filming 11/20/14-11/24/14 in Atlanta, GA:

  • Restaurant Patrons, Bar Patrons, Upscale Party Guests, NFL Wives Club, Football Players, Bartenders, Wait Staff
  • Ages 20s-40s
  • Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, African American, all ethnicities
  • Filming Dates: Thursday, 11/20/14, Friday, 11/21/14, and Monday, 11/24/14. You do not have to be available for all dates.
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Rate: $75 for 8 hours (you are guaranteed 8 hours with overtime after 8 hours)

You must be available for up to a 12 hour filming day or longer

To submit, please visit: http://hyltoncasting.com/submissions/extras/. Please list in your submission the role and date/dates you are applying for.

**Please note, if you have already submitted your information on HyltonCasting.com, you do not need to resubmit. You will still be considered for “The Game” Season 8.

**If you are available and have already submitted, feel free to leave a comment on this post.

In a statement, BET announced the shows end with the following statement “In January 2011 the cult following of The Game proved that the show was a fan favorite with 7.7 million viewers for its premiere debut on BET. With seasons eight and nine, we’re excited to end on a high note by giving Sabers fans a chance to bid farewell to their favorite players on and off the field.”

The Self Tape Audition Guide

self-tape audition

The Self Tape Audition Guide

We live in the digital age and the fact is more and more casting directors are saving time by asking actors to submit an audition video.  Do Not start freaking out. Most directors will send you a side and clear instructions on what they want you to do. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the sides and memorize them. This process is the same as going in for an in person audition the only exception being that once you are done memorizing your lines you will film them in the comfort of your home and submit them to the director.  Follow these instructions in order to record your audition successfully.


The director and the casting team do understand that you do not have access to a professional videographer and will expect the quality of your video to be somewhat poor. That being said you do not have to go out and by expensive equipment to tape your audition video unless of course you have the means to do so. You can film your video either with your smart phone, a web cam or a video camera (if you have access to it. You will simply need to make sure than the tape is clear and that you can be seen and heard.


Your wardrobe choice should not distract from your audition. The focus should remain on you and what you are doing. Avoid baggy or loose fitting clothing, anything with wild and crazy patterns, large & bold jewelry or anything that will distract from you. This includes sunglasses and hats. Your audition video is not the place to make a fashion statement. Keep it simple.


Ladies when it comes to makeup you want to stay away from loud eye shadows and crazy lip colors. That being said you will want to experiment with foundation and blush, maybe even a little contouring in order to avoid looking washed out. The best advice is to try several looks before actually committing to a look for your audition.

Location & Background

It is imperative that you choose a location that is well light, simple and clean. It doesn’t have to be in a studio or a stark white background but it does have to be free of clutter and have great lighting. You will also want to choose a place where it is quiet or choose a time when everyone is out of the house. Turn off the radio and TV, if you have pets make sure they are outside, if you choose to film outside make sure the pets are inside. Again you want the focus to be on you and not what is happening around you.


Lighting is important because you want to be seen very clearly. Choose a room that is well lit. If the main source of lighting is a window be sure to place the camera, phone or webcam in front of the window. Keep in mind that if you stand in front of the light you will appear dark on film and you will be hard to see. If you do not have a well lit room try bringing in as much light as you can, try using floor and desk lamps to light the room up.

Be Heard

Do a couple of test runs. Try speaking for the camera to see if you can be heard. Speak clearly and enunciate your words. If your voice is low practice raising your voice, if it is too loud try toning your voice down and find a happy medium. Try not to yell into the camera. Simply speak clearly and audibly.

Close-Up & Frame

While doing your test runs be sure to make a note of what angle and what place in the room works best for your audition. You want to stay in frame (centered) at all times. It is okay to move around a little but remember that you still need to be seen and heard so do not wonder off away from the camera.


Read your audition instructions, the director will tell you what he or she will want you do to simply follow the instructions. If they didn’t provide any instructions on how to make your audition tape, follow the standard Slate: Look into the camera state your name and the name of the character for which you are auditioning.  Be pleasant and confident, this is the first impression that the director will have of you. You do not want to appear unprofessional.


After slating take a small break (about 5 seconds) and then jump right into character. Be confident, know your lines, give the best performance and deliver it as if you were in front of the director at that very moment. Just because it is a self-taped audition does not mean that you need to be lazy. If you do you will not give your best performance and you will be re-taping the audition over and over again just to get it right. Deliver your best performance the first time and do just a couple of retakes if you need to.

Follow Submission Instructions

Once you have recorded your amazing audition it is time to follow the submission instructions. Do exactly what the director requires of you. See if you need to upload the video to a website or email it to someone; be sure that you have the correct email address and the correct name of the person you are emailing. Check to see if you need to attach a resume and headshot or if they need to know your measurements and basic description. Again follow the instructions provided very carefully!

Hit Your Mark on Set

Film SetHit Your Mark on Set

What is ‘Hitting Your Marks’? For actors it means walking to various markings the director has for you throughout different points of the scene. This keeps the actor in frame and on focus for the shoot and the director isn’t spending all his time trying to focus the camera on you. Of course walking to a spot on the floor without ever looking down can be difficult. These few steps will help you hit your mark without interruption.

The first step is knowing where these marks are. The crew will usually mark them with a bright X or T. Your job is to know where they are and how many there are per scene. This keeps you in frame and in focus so you must hit them exactly.

Begin rehearsing by maneuvering to them without looking down. Say your lines and mark the script at the exact point that you get to your mark. Try to make time to rehearse repeatedly before filming, noting your steps.

Know what is around you when you hit your mark so that you stop moving when you are at that spot. Look for visual markers. Note whether your marker is at the end of a table or next to a sofa. It’s also a good idea to make the visual markers at eye level, is there a painting you can look at that will let you know when to stop.

Never use other actors as your markers, they are never consistent and the director may make changes to their movements.

When you are moving towards a marker try to make it as natural as possible. Make a note of any awkward locations. If there is no natural way to hit your mark be sure to discuss it with your director so that any appropriate changes can be made.

Lastly, practice every chance you get before coming to set. Try practicing with a video camera on a tripod. The more you practice the easier it will be to hit your marks.

VH1 TV Series HINDSIGHT Casting Fit Male Extra

VH1-logoVH1 has picked up its third original scripted series, Hindsight. The series focuses on Becca who receives a second chance at restoring the mistakes she made in her past. She is taken to the day before her wedding to her first husband in 1995, the day she lost her best friend Lolly. Hindsight stars Laura Ramsey as Becca, Sarah Goldberg as Lolly, and Craig Horner as Sean. (Read Synopsis Provided by VH1)

“The series begins with Becca (Laura Ramsey) on the eve of her second wedding. It all seems perfect this time around, but she is still plagued by doubt. What if she could fix everything, and make the ‘right’ choices this time? Becca finds herself thinking about her former best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), with whom she had a falling out many years ago. If only she could talk to her once again… Suddenly, after a freakish elevator ride, Becca gets the opportunity to do just that as she wakes up in New York City on the morning of her first wedding day in 1995. She’s about to marry Sean (Craig Horner), a bad-boy artist who is all wrong for her – and she knows her first move must be to reconnect with Lolly to re-live that day. Can she ‘make it right’ by living her life all over while readapting to life in New York City in the 90′s – a time of smoking in bars, carrying pagers, having an AOL email address? Becca will soon discover there’s no sure-fire way to make the right choices in life – even knowing everything she thinks she knows now.”

Hindsight is currently in production in Atlanta, Ga. Extras casting director has released a casting call for physically fit males to portray a security guard. Want to travel back in time and revel in the 90s? To submit, please email your age, height, weight, and phone number. Send Submissions to indsightATL@gmail.com Subject: Security Guard

FOX TV Series GOTHAM casting Punk/Glam & Pin-up Girl Extras

Gotham-TV-Show-Fox-LogoFOX’s new TV series GOTHAM will center around the lives of young detective James Gordon and the origins of Gotham’s greatest villains. The story begins before Gordon became the in-corruptible Police Commissioner, he is a rookie detective newly retired from the military who commits himself to restoring Gotham to its former glory. The series also reveals the circumstances that create such super villains like Catwoman (Newcomer Camren Bicondova), The Penguin (Robin Lord taylor – The walking Dead) and The Riddler (newcome Cory Michael Smith) who all seemly normal everyday people have been dealt a bad hand in the nefarious underbelly of Gotham.

Part crime drama and part comic book the beginning of this series has focused on Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie- The O.C.) tumultuous yet inevitable rise through the Police department and his implausible friendship with the young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz – The Tough), heir to the Wayne Industries.

FOX describes its new show as “The good. The evil. The beginning.” and so far has not disappointed as we see Gordon not willing to compromise his moral values to comply with the fray of the underworld as his partner, Harvey (Donal Logue – Sons of Anarchy), has. Instead he navigates both the corrupted world of the criminal justice system and the unpredictable criminal world, pitting his morality against shrewd gang boss Fish Mooney who is played by Jada Pinket-Smith and Carmine Falcone played by John Doman.

Extras casting coordinator for the production has sent out an invitation for an exclusive party at Fish Mooney’s exclusive club. GWC, who has coordinated extras for TV Series Persons of Interest and film Black Swan, is seeking ladies who can portray patrons to Mooney’s exclusive club. Ladies must be punk-glam types, heavily tattooed, and pin-up girl types. If you are local to the New York City area and can pull off this look please read the casting call very carefully and follow GWC casting instructions.

This is only for people who live in the New York City area. The series is only hiring background that are local to the area.


Looking for people to play patrons at Fish Mooney’s exclusive night club. Filming Oct. 29 in NYC.

Email current pic, union status, phone number, height, weight & clothing sizes to gotham@gwcnyc.com.

Write “Mooney’s 10/29 Facebook” in the subject line of your email.

Casting Call for Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice

Casting Call for Nicholas Sparks’ The ChoiceNicholas Sparks, an American romance novelist, is best known for his romantic-drama novels such as ‘The Rescue‘, ‘The Guardian‘ and ‘A Bend in the Road‘. But it was the affectionate romantic entanglements and emotional journey of his characters in novels like The Notebook and Dear John that made them classic, iconic romance films. Other iconic film adaptations of Sparks’ novels are A Walk to Remember starring Mandy Moore and Shane West; The Last Song starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth; Safe Haven starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. Sparks has a total of ten novels that have been adapted to film. The eleventh film adaptation is currently in production, The Choice.

Casting Call Info of ‘The Choice’

‘The Choice’ is currently in production in North Carolina where the movie casting calls will be held for this film. Extras casting director, Marty Siu Casting (who has worked on the film Tammy and upcoming film Max Steel) is currently casting extras for a number of different role. If you are in or near Wilmington, NC and would love to attend the casting call for Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice and be a part of this production please submit by following these basic instructions: Read the rest of this Casting Call »

Quick Steps on How to Become an Extra

How to Become an Extra
There are a number of people who are interested in learning how to become an extra, and believe that it’s a complicated process. However, being an extra in a movie or TV show is one of the easiest ways to build experience and notoriety in the entertainment industry. Read the rest of this Casting Call »