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December 5, 2016

Improving as an Actor in a Competitive Industry

Progressing in the modeling and acting industry is going to be challenging for you at first. You may have to start out with smaller roles or smaller modeling shoots, but all of this will allow you to build up a portfolio and resume that will open more doors for you. It will also give you the chance to develop a reputation in the industry and a bigger following.

One of the first steps in becoming an actor is to study up on famous actors.  Know your competition, and know what steps successful actors took to get where they are today.  Sure, some actors were born into the business as child actors and made their way to the top, but that is not the case for many.

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June 13, 2016

The Unions – SAG / AFTRA


How do you join SAG? One of the ways you can join is by buying into AFTRA or through receiving a Taft Hartley waiver. How do you join AFTRA? AFTRA is the only union that you can literally “buy” into. You can show up to their offices and simply hand over a hefty wad of cash and sign up there and then. How much does it cost to join AFTRA? As of today’s date, the initiation fee in NY is $1300 plus minimum dues of $63.90. Keep in mind, if you join just before the 2nd dues-cycle you will be required to pay another $63.90. A grand total of $1427.80. After one year providing, you have some AFTRA jobs under your belt, you may be eligible then to join SAG. You can also join AFTRA by booking an AFTRA job.

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June 6, 2016

How to Nail Your Next Audition


There are a million things that can go wrong on an audition.  So it’s best to be as prepared as possible.  We have been to hundreds auditions and wanted to pass off our best advice on how to be at your best on your next audition.


This is your first impression and its best to be punctual.  And by punctual we mean early; as the old saying goes “if you are not early, you’re late.”  Next, it’s important bring something that will keep you busy.  So you can bring a book or crossword puzzle to keep you occupied.  Also, this will keep away from communicating with the other talent so that Continue reading How to Nail Your Next Audition

June 3, 2016

An Entry Point Into an Impressive Career – Become a Movie Extra


extrasAnybody looking for an opportunity to be part of an important movie or TV production can consider starting out as an extra. This could turn out to be a desired entry point into a lucrative career. They may not necessarily be professional actors. Nevertheless, they serve an important role in the movie’s background by showcasing a scene filled with regular people. If you are an aspiring actor, you may want to be a part of this as you seek to pursue your dreams. As a movie extra, you will be able to learn several acting tips. Moreover, you will gain work related experience. Furthermore, the contacts made can lead you to many opportunities in the future, because many people you come across will most likely gain success in their respective niche. They can help you in your future career endeavors.

How to be noticed by people who matter:
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May 27, 2016

3 Acting Tips For Nailing Your Next Audition


There’s no doubt regarding it, the show biz, acting to be a lot of specific, is one of the foremost competitive industries around. meaning once you apply to audition, if you get accepted, arrange on there being plenty of people competing for constant role.
Don’t let it scare you off, though. effective tips for nailing AN audition that area unit absolute to assist you wow the casting administrators.
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