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Below you can find Los Angeles, California movie extra job postings. Get started in showbiz by becoming a Los Angeles, California movie extra for fun or to start your acting career. Jump into the entertainment industry and launch your acting career! Los Angeles, California casting calls and audition can help you realize your dreams!

Hit Your Mark on Set

Film SetHit Your Mark on Set

What is ‘Hitting Your Marks’? For actors it means walking to various markings the director has for you throughout different points of the scene. This keeps the actor in frame and on focus for the shoot and the director isn’t spending all his time trying to focus the camera on you. Of course walking to a spot on the floor without ever looking down can be difficult. These few steps will help you hit your mark without interruption.

The first step is knowing where these marks are. The crew will usually mark them with a bright X or T. Your job is to know where they are and how many there are per scene. This keeps you in frame and in focus so you must hit them exactly.

Begin rehearsing by maneuvering to them without looking down. Say your lines and mark the script at the exact point that you get to your mark. Try to make time to rehearse repeatedly before filming, noting your steps.

Know what is around you when you hit your mark so that you stop moving when you are at that spot. Look for visual markers. Note whether your marker is at the end of a table or next to a sofa. It’s also a good idea to make the visual markers at eye level, is there a painting you can look at that will let you know when to stop.

Never use other actors as your markers, they are never consistent and the director may make changes to their movements.

When you are moving towards a marker try to make it as natural as possible. Make a note of any awkward locations. If there is no natural way to hit your mark be sure to discuss it with your director so that any appropriate changes can be made.

Lastly, practice every chance you get before coming to set. Try practicing with a video camera on a tripod. The more you practice the easier it will be to hit your marks.

Casting Call for Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice

Casting Call for Nicholas Sparks’ The ChoiceNicholas Sparks, an American romance novelist, is best known for his romantic-drama novels such as ‘The Rescue‘, ‘The Guardian‘ and ‘A Bend in the Road‘. But it was the affectionate romantic entanglements and emotional journey of his characters in novels like The Notebook and Dear John that made them classic, iconic romance films. Other iconic film adaptations of Sparks’ novels are A Walk to Remember starring Mandy Moore and Shane West; The Last Song starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth; Safe Haven starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. Sparks has a total of ten novels that have been adapted to film. The eleventh film adaptation is currently in production, The Choice.

Casting Call Info of ‘The Choice’

‘The Choice’ is currently in production in North Carolina where the movie casting calls will be held for this film. Extras casting director, Marty Siu Casting (who has worked on the film Tammy and upcoming film Max Steel) is currently casting extras for a number of different role. If you are in or near Wilmington, NC and would love to attend the casting call for Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice and be a part of this production please submit by following these basic instructions: (more…)

Quick Steps on How to Become an Extra

How to Become an Extra
There are a number of people who are interested in learning how to become an extra, and believe that it’s a complicated process. However, being an extra in a movie or TV show is one of the easiest ways to build experience and notoriety in the entertainment industry. (more…)

Mind of a Man – GSN Game Show

Mind of a man

The Game Show Network is going to try to figure out the Mind Of a Man with their new game show. From the guy that brought us Flavor of Love and Bret Michaels: Life As I know it comes a new TV show in witch  two female contestants trying to figure out what men really think with the help of a celebrity panel. GSN has ordered 40 episodes of the show and they are now holding auditions for male and female contestants. This is a great opportunity for any aspiring talent to get their face recognized by being on a popular television show. Do not miss out your chance apply now.


Short Film Casting Actors

Currently Casting male and female roles for a student short film. This is a great opportunity for any aspiring actor to earn some extra cash and add to their resume. We are currently shooting the short film in Hollywood, LA. The student short follows roger who wishes he were young again, like his granddaughter Jenny, so he would get another chance at living his childhood dreams. One morning he wakes up only to find a younger version of himself lying next to him. But second chances come with a price and if he doesn’t get this younger Roger quickly back to the past then Roger and his family are bound to disappear as the course of time is altered. There is only one way for Roger to save the situation: grasp this second chance he’s given and make sure he follows his dreams.  (more…)

Eastern European Extras for Commercial Shoot (Los Angeles, California)

It has been the hardest to locate and book extras for our commercial. In need of Eastern European men and women to fill a few scenes for us as extras in our commercial. The commercial auditions are in the next few weeks while the shoot is scheduled in the upcoming weeks. Please bring a headshot with you to auditions and dress age appropriate. The brand is well known throughout the states and will lift off in the near future for this new addition of the label. Talent have to be over the age of 18. (more…)

20 Kid Extras for Educational Promo Video (Los Angeles, California)

In search of about 15-20 models to fit some spots left over for an education promo video. The video will be filmed at various locations including a classroom as well as outside. Kids will be in various scenes in the background as students and playground goers during the video. The promo video will be distributed to various clients and educational programs and schools. Kids no not need professional acting experience. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old will be considered for the shoot. (more…)

Production Company Looking for Actors/Extras (Los Angeles, CA)

We cast for various films throughout town, along with commercials, music videos, and plenty of smaller projects. Some talent may be compensated depending on their need in the projects booked. All talent should be between the ages of 18 and 65 years old. Male and female talent of all ethnicity are welcome to attend the casting call. Talent do not have to be professional actors or models in order to be considered for the projects. (more…)

Short Film in Need of Talent (Los Angeles, CA)

Looking for talent in the Los Angeles area to audition for a student short film. The film is based off of a movie projectionist and his job. The troubled life he has is definitely preventing him from having a normal carefree life. He later meets a girl who helps him get out of his run. Talent must be over the age of 18 for the project. Casting is open to other talent as well. Looking for male and female talent to be extras. Must keep schedule available for the castings. (more…)

Extras and Dancers for Music Video Production (Los Angeles, CA)

Need about 20-25 extras and dancers for a Music Video project. If all talent are available must be from the LA area and over the age of 18. Must provide own transportation. All talent have to be physically attractive. All dancers must be comfortable working with a choreographer. Talent interested in this project should consult with casting director after being booked after auditions. (more…)