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Actors audition for Bay area promo video

BayAreaVideoNeeded: Web actor for lead role in a crowd funded video for a headphone commercial in San Francisco. The shoot calls for 1 lead actor, as well male and female extras.


About the video

The video will be used to promote the launching of an innovative headphone line with the ability to calibrate with the listeners hearing ability. The video is to be featured on their campaign page and is to be a web video. The idea of the commercial is to make the product appeal to prospective customers so they will be excited about the unique features it offers. Since this is a crowd funded video, it will be filmed by a 2 man crew but the filming will be done in the city’s most popular locations.

Casting Call for actors

We are looking for actors that match the following description: Continue reading Actors audition for Bay area promo video

Casting Call for Extras for a Music Video in Los Angeles

MusicVideoAprilAbout the producer:

Martha Graham a distinguished choreographer and modern dancer once said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. If you are a firm believer of this quote and love to dance or jive but you are not a professional dancer then this opportunity for appearing in a music video as an extra is best suited for you. Every culture has a certain specific dance that they perform during their cultural festivals. It has a symbolic and aesthetic value. A pop star celebrity who wants to keep his name anonymous has decided to shoot a music video at the end of this month in Los Angeles, California. A reputable casting firm Dan Bell Casting has been entrusted with the task of casting extras for this music video. Dan Bell Casting finds real people for advertisements and commercials. This casting firm has many successful project under its belt. For more information about Dan Bell Casting, click here. Continue reading Casting Call for Extras for a Music Video in Los Angeles

Hit Your Mark on Set

Film SetHit Your Mark on Set

What is ‘Hitting Your Marks’? For actors it means walking to various markings the director has for you throughout different points of the scene. This keeps the actor in frame and on focus for the shoot and the director isn’t spending all his time trying to focus the camera on you. Of course walking to a spot on the floor without ever looking down can be difficult. These few steps will help you hit your mark without interruption. Continue reading Hit Your Mark on Set

Casting Call for Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice

Casting Call for Nicholas Sparks’ The ChoiceNicholas Sparks, an American romance novelist, is best known for his romantic-drama novels such as ‘The Rescue‘, ‘The Guardian‘ and ‘A Bend in the Road‘. But it was the affectionate romantic entanglements and emotional journey of his characters in novels like The Notebook and Dear John that made them classic, iconic romance films. Other iconic film adaptations of Sparks’ novels are A Walk to Remember starring Mandy Moore and Shane West; The Last Song starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth; Safe Haven starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. Sparks has a total of ten novels that have been adapted to film. The eleventh film adaptation is currently in production, The Choice.

Casting Call Info of ‘The Choice’

‘The Choice’ is currently in production in North Carolina where the movie casting calls will be held for this film. Extras casting director, Marty Siu Casting (who has worked on the film Tammy and upcoming film Max Steel) is currently casting extras for a number of different role. If you are in or near Wilmington, NC and would love to attend the casting call for Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice and be a part of this production please submit by following these basic instructions: Continue reading Casting Call for Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice