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July 22, 2016

Casting Call for Dick’s Sporting Goods Commercial


If you are looking to showcase your acting talent, then commercials can be a great way to make an entry into this field. Commercials allow you to project yourself in a short and directed manner. And many famous actors and actresses started their careers from modeling and acting in commercials. This casting call is also for a commercial which requires athletes.

So, if you have an athletic body and are interested in earning money as well, then you should seriously consider this working opportunity. Kathy Wickline Casting has been given the responsibility of finding athletic individuals to act in this advertisement for Dick’s Continue reading Casting Call for Dick’s Sporting Goods Commercial

July 20, 2016

Casting Call for Actress in Philadelphia


Theater is a wonderful medium of art and provides the maximum opportunity to showcase your talent. This is a wonderful casting call for people who are interested in working for the theater. It is for a play named “Tea at Four” and describes the story of two women.

About the Plot

The story goes to show the life stories of two women. It starts from an early age and goes Continue reading Casting Call for Actress in Philadelphia

July 13, 2016

Casting Calls for Short Film


The Company producing this short film is called Beyond the Night Films, and the producer is Shaunetta Wallace. The company is casting calls for actors who are interested in taking part in this short film. The story is about a young guy named Colstin. Colstin gets into some kind of argument or disagreement with a homeless guy on the streets. He is then later shown that he becomes friends with this homeless guy and then they both find out that they have certain things in common.

Description of Roles

Continue reading Casting Calls for Short Film