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July 13, 2016

Casting Calls for The Nutcracker


the-nutcracker-bannerThe Nutcracker is a famous classic ballet that has been made into many feature films and cartoon films. The story was originally based on the ‘Nutcracker and the King of Mice’ which was written by E.T.A Hoffman. The film is based in the 1850s in Victorian England. The story begins with a festive Christmas Eve party taking place at the Stahlbaum’s house, which had the biggest Christmas tree possible. Clara and Fritz are the Stahlbaum children. Clara is shown as a sweet and kind girl while her brother Fritz is shown as a mischievous boy. Their Uncle Drosselmeyer brings gifts for all the children in the house every year. When Uncle Drosselmeyer gives all the girls and boys their gifts, Clara gets disappointed to Continue reading Casting Calls for The Nutcracker

June 14, 2016

Selena Gomez Series Casting Extras


Selena_GomezSelena Gomez’s new series 13 Reasons Why is currently holding a casting call for extras and stand-ins to work in the new series.  Casting directors are casting people of all ages and ethnicities to be extras to fill roles like high school students, cheerleaders, parents, athletes, and so on.  The bulk of the filming will take place in the San Francisco Bay area of California.

The show, 13 Reasons Why, centers around the story of a troubled teenage girl whom commits suicide.  Prior to her taking her own life the young lady records thirteen different cassette tapes and then proceeds to send them to 13 different people that she deems responsible for her actions.  The series will produced by Selena Gomez and has been created by Brian Yorkey Continue reading Selena Gomez Series Casting Extras

June 9, 2016

Casting Call For Bad Girls Club


Bad Girls Club” is an American reality television series focusing on the personality shifts, behavioral aspects and the everyday lives of women. They will have the chance to live together in one big mansion and explore various traits of each other. The contestants for the upcoming season of Bad Girls Club would be selected shortly after their auditions and is open for a large group of women out there in the US.

The show primarily focuses on the psychological and behavioral issues that come out in the open, resulting in quarrelsome attitudes and outrageous remarks all coming down to one thing; celebrating differences. The different backgrounds, ethnicities and career choices, all make it a point to create the most amazing ripples in the smooth sea. The lives Continue reading Casting Call For Bad Girls Club

April 21, 2016

Looking for unique, fresh models

MODELSingroupAbout the advertisement:

We are looking for new models for a industrial style photo shoot taking place this summer in San Francisco. California. Models that have experience with spontaneous announcing skills and are comfortable interacting while on camera. Huge plus for any models that are well versed in style and fashion. Models will be featured in various clothes, shoes, hats and other accessories. Shoot will be 2 Days minimum, with the possibility of being 3-5 depending on the model.  Shoot days will be no longer than 8 hrs, with compensation being $200.00 / 10hr. Read on for the casting specifics. Continue reading Looking for unique, fresh models

November 3, 2014

Hit Your Mark on Set

Film SetHit Your Mark on Set

What is ‘Hitting Your Marks’? For actors it means walking to various markings the director has for you throughout different points of the scene. This keeps the actor in frame and on focus for the shoot and the director isn’t spending all his time trying to focus the camera on you. Of course walking to a spot on the floor without ever looking down can be difficult. These few steps will help you hit your mark without interruption. Continue reading Hit Your Mark on Set